Artist's statement

Abstract 0001
Art, if it warrants the name, is not just a representation of the visual world. It must have within it, something of the soul. Nor is it a social comment, political propaganda, clever, slick ideas, novelty or sentimentality. It can have these things in part, but if it does not, to some extent, radiate the essence of the artist, it is not art.

Art is the creative power objectified. It is, the word made flesh. The idea, ideal, dream, concretised. In it, through its instrument, the artist, the creative power expresses something of its beauty and truth, and for some reason, this sometimes involves some form of sacrifice, suffering and humility (eg. van Gogh), and through it we can heal and grow to higher things.

The way in is deep feeling. We are called on to give expression to it through our unique perspective within the framework of our being. The releasing of the creative energies of past experience and the hiden store of the subconcious. Art is the incarnation.